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The Dirty Hands of Jelili. The Broken Palms of Abdulrahman. The Scared Shoulders of Kabir. My Tired Eyes. They are…

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My People, I’ve been in Borno State for some days through Communities like Gwoza, Bama, Dalori, Konduga, Ngala for the…

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This Worker’s Day, I’m thinking about President Muhammadu Buhari. I once told President Goodluck Jonathan that a Leader can never…

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General TY Danjuma. The History of Nigeria will be instructive for our Generation and as part of my Research/Thesis for…

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When I received the Invitation to speak at this Career Expo Event holding today at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos Nigeria,…

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Oya make una judge for una sef. Based on Logistics, I hear say my Pidgin na correct 10 over 10 👌when…

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