The surge in technology usage has opened the door for the latest jobs in data science, world over. When the big data explosion began a couple of decades ago, people didn’t realize the importance of it in decision-making. But as technology became a major part of everybody’s life, they came to know about the vital role big data plays in shaping their routines.
Today, big data is being used to make critical business decisions. Owing to the boom of big data, futuristic technologies like data science have come to people’s notice. Data Science is the concept of using data to answer questions and develop solutions that help drive data-driven decisions for an organization.
Data Science jobs revolve around a wide array of knowledge including skills in artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and data analysis. The surge in technology usage has opened the door for the latest jobs in data science. Data science jobs are rapidly growing, offering a lot of career opportunities across many different industries. While native data science jobs like data scientists and data analysts have a remarkable place in the tech sphere, other latest jobs in data science are also stealing aspirant’s attention.
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GDPDS is a 24-weekend (6 Months) Blended Learning Data Science Program for Fresh Graduates, Youth Corpers and anyone that desires to kickstart their data science careers. It will help them start and advance their career in Data Science, get Jobs and quickly rise through the ranks within the global Technology Workspace. The program comprises of 4 Modules that will help each participant study, apply and achieve their desired career Goals. You will also have access to personalized mentoring, internship opportunities and knowledge support in addition to an opportunity to work on real life projects to build your Data Science Work Portfolio.
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