If you’ve read the revolutionary story of how Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from #ThirdWorldToFirst within 35years, you’ll understand why it’s such an important reference for Nigeria.
So I’ve seen the Artificial Intelligence, Public Administration, Education, Tech, Political & Tourism Ecosystems of Singapore over 2weeks and at the centre of their development are sustainable investment in Education & intentional National Planning. I plan to write 3 separate posts on my experiences this week.
Singapore was an Island that gained independence from Malaysia in 1965 but has become yet one of the most powerful, most respected, most developed Nations in the World. A City & a Country all in itself, fits twice into Los Angeles, is half the size of Hong Kong bordered by two big Neighbours – Malaysia & Indonesia. Home Ownership Rate is about 80% (only few people rent houses) has 5 Airports, has the third busiest port in the World after Shangai & Rotterdam. Whilst there are a few Farms on the west of the Island & the Country is big on Vertical Farming & Precision Agriculture, 90% of the Food consumed in Singapore is imported and only 25% of their Eggs are locally produced.
Its currency is SGD1.37 to 1US Dollar.
This Country has a Concept Plan which covers for 50years and reviewed every 10years and a Master Plan which is reviewed every 5years. The Changi Airport is one of the most used Airports in the World. What would it take to make Nigeria a great Nation, a smart Nation in fact? My answers are authentic, progressive, pragmatic leadership and an educated Citizenry.
Meanwhile, Taylor Swift had Singaporeans in chokehold for 6 straight days performing in Venues filled to Capacity with everyone brimming with positive energy as the Economic fortunes of the Country kept rising on the global Charts. Disney on Ice was showing too & our Good friend Nicole Feld Strauss the Producer was kind to take a bunch of our Fellow fellows to watch such spectacular performances. Economists estimate that Swift’s concerts in Singapore could contribute up to 500 million Singapore dollars, or $372 million, in tourist receipts.
You need to see the National University of Singapore’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Maker Hubs where Student go to learn by play and practice. I left the place thoroughly inspired, challenged. By God, I’ll replicate such a space in Nigeria before the end of 2024.
New Friends, Potential Cross Border Collaboration with Singapore’s AI Ecosystems for us Rise Networks , New bilateral partnerships with folks within their Social Impact Space, thanks to the Aspen Institute Fellowship Program for such an amazing 2024 Globalization Seminar that brings such a stellar line up of young Industry Leaders from all over the World together for truly Life transforming Leadership Sessions.
God our Lord, will do this for your Children in Nigeria too?