There is an increased demand for end-to-end AI solutions.
For example, Enterprise AI company Dataiku is now worth $1.4B (according to TechCrunch) after Google bought a stake in the company in December 2019.
The AI startup helps enterprise customers to clean their large data sets and build machine learning models.
This way, companies like Generalelectric and Unilever can gain valuable, deep learning insights from their massive amounts of data and automate important data management tasks.
Previously, businesses would have to seek expertise in all the different parts of the process and piece it together themselves. Dataiku champions “Collaborative Data Science” between all parts of the organization. But handles the entire data science cycle from start to finish with a single product.
And because of this, they stand out.
Businesses want end-to-end data science solutions. And startups that provide this will eat the market.
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