It’s my pleasure to deliver a practical blueprint on the topic – “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work – Implications for Skills Development and the Prosperity of Ekiti State” at the first Ekiti State Innovation Summit today in the State’s Capital.
I’ll focus on demystifying Artificial Intelligence to the audience and then drill down on the investment in Basic Digital literacy across the State, communications skills for collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, entrepreneurship and small business management and recognition of opportunities, strategies for creating technical career pathways for our young People, partnership with Private Sector to conduct a baseline that will establish the proficiency of young people (workers and learners) in digital literacy, set up of Centers of excellence for development of Digital literacy and emerging skills, set up and activate it certification platforms to achieve training and certification to build capacity to global standard.
At the core of all these is the immediate and deliberate empowerment of Teachers to gain the knowledge to prime the pump of Learning and improve the quality of practical 21st century skills taught to young people to equip them and boost their competitiveness within the global job market and digital economy.
I look forward to an engaging conversation that will catalyse action in the Ekiti ecosystem and many other States in Nigeria. Welldone to my good friend and brother Oluwaseun Fakuade for championing this and the Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria
If you’d like to read my presentation slides, let me know and I’ll share. Snippets are in one of the attached images.
There’s Juice and Joy in the entire material.
Ekiti Kete, In ora, In ku ile o. Se ala ni?
All my very best,