I’ve been doing some soul searching lately.
I realise that many times, in several circumstances, my views and decisions may be unpopular yet I am never afraid of standing alone.
In the end, my positions are almost always correct and I have since learnt to be a Person of deep conviction rather than be a people pleaser.
They will not come back to tell you, “Oh you were right” but you will earn respect and reverence for daring to be different.
I will never let Fear prevent me from standing alone on my convictions as long as my conscience is not violated. We must lead from the front that’s why People give us the privilege of Leadership at all. There’s a Higher Calling for People who are not swayed by the Crowd Mentality.
That Courage is a Gift. Take That.
Tao 1Photo: Rawabi City, Ramallah, Palestine.

I will tell you the story of the resilient Palestinians tomorrow and how Hope has tarried through generations under Occupation