I am devastated for Nigeria.
$43.4million, £27,800 and N23.2million of Hard Cash was found in an apartment owned by a Government Official, you guessed right.

In a Country where girls menstruate with shredded pieces of clothing because they cannot afford Sanitary Pads, where children sit on the Floor to receive mediocre instruction from half baked Teachers because there are no chairs and tables in their classrooms, where University graduates hawk bread and groundnuts on the streets for paltry sums for survival, where Boko Haram has totally destroyed the North and is constantly recruiting young boys into its Terrorist Fold, where our people die in hospitals daily for lack of drugs and the absence of Medical Infrastructure and with over 40% Youth Unemployment.

I broke out in sweat and I was both hot and cold for hours yesterday after seeing the Photos of these hoards of Monies recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Sleep deserted me.
Demons rule Nigeria. Humans without Skin.
They have no blood, no soul, no conscience, no heaven, no hell, nothing.
This one shook me to the marrows I swear. Ah.
Our Country needs a Shock, a Ravaging Revolution.

We the Citizens need to go mad on the Streets, crying tears of red colour, screaming like we’ve stabbed in our Chests, chasing Politicians into the Bush and their Children out of their fancy homes and schools. We are one of the poorest Oil rich Countries in the World and this amount of money is in tucked in one Person’s House.
These People will kill us. They have already finished us. We are done for. Don’t even attempt to tell me anything. I will not listen.
Enough is Enough. Enough is Enough o.
We go hard or Nothing.
I’m out of here. Ah.