SIR BAN KI MOON – The 8th UN Secretary General.

Power is so Transient. Handle it with care.
Position is temporary. The Man/Woman we are must endure amidst Life’s Privileges.
You see, I never met Ban Ki Moon during his Service as UN Secretary General but these days I see and run into him almost everyday in different places and he patiently waits to answer my Questions about Nigeria, Terrorism and Humanitarian Aid.
Mr Ban

He’s now become a Senior Fellow at the Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Government where I am a Master in Public Administration Candidate and expectedly, his presence on Campus these days makes many giddy with excitement.
Yesterday after his speech at the JFK Forum, him, myself and Professor Graham Allison walked out of Littauer Building as we chatted and I watched him stroll away under the pouring rain taking cover under a little black Umbrella he held by himself.
Mr BanThe greatest Men are still men after all.
I smiled and said 2 words of prayer –
1. Even when I get the highest levels of power and influence, Lord, help me to be just an ordinary Woman.
2. Dear Lord, put me in the right place at the right time when my maturity can handle the access that comes my way. Prepare me for Power and all its Shenanigans.

Mr Ban 1

Mr ban 5

Mr ban 4

Mr Ban 3

Here’s to Sir Ban of the Ki Moon Heritage.