I joined Chamberlain Usoh and Gimba Umar on #SunriseDaily on @channelstelevision to discuss President Buhari’s Comments on Nigerian Youth at the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

My Thoughts.
1. The real tragedy was not even the sweeping generalisation of Nigeria’s Youth by our Chief Marketing Officer (Yes, our President is) it was the fact that, that answer completely veered off tangent as the question posed to him was on the Investment Opportunities in the North East amongst other issues on the Subject of Trade et al.
2. The implications of that Statement by our C-in-C on the confidence of Foreign Investors are weighty because the quality of Human Capital is considered crucial in helping them make informed decisions and choices on Countries to do Business in. That Assertion lacked every element of diplomatic sagacity and good judgement as much as it misrepresented an entire generation.
3. The Young Nigerians who are stuck in their entitlement mentality, who sit and do nothing but wait on Oil Money are not as much as the amount of Industrious youth with relentless entrepreneurial prowess who painstakingly hustle to earn their daily living, create jobs, attract Venture Capitalists, build hitherto non- existent Industries (that are now burgeoning) from scratch and their ilk who should actually have been the unique selling point of Nigeria that President Buhari did not make any reference to at such an auspicious International Forum.

As he posited that Many Nigerian Youth have no Education, I agree but we have inherited a dead wood country from a Generation of Gerontocrats who enjoyed free education on Government Bill and even drank milk and ate chicken while in School yet they blame us for everything and still want to rule our Children after oppressing us.


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