Osayi Alile Oruene is currently the Chairperson of Women in Management, Business and Public services.

Executive Director FATE Foundation (Sept. 2005 – Dec 2012.), FATE Foundation which was founded in March 2000 is a private sector led, non profit initiative created with the vision to equip enterprising Nigerian youths with skills, tools, networks and financing which can be used to create successful businesses that will in turn offer gainful employment to the economy.

Vice President Junior Achievement Nigeria (Jan. 1999 – Jan. 2003), Assisted in the recruitment of key staff; Coordinated 150+ schools – managing relationships with principals, teachers, and students. Trained, mentored and monitored volunteers, ensuring smooth interaction between volunteers and selected schools.
Implemented and evaluated the impact of Junior Achievement Programmes on students. Coordinating the development of new corporate sponsored programs such as LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Development) Camp fully sponsored by a Private Organization.

Research Assistant Community University Consortium for Regional Environmental Justice (Jan 1998 – Jan. 1999), Evaluated & developed a strategy framework addressing fundamental environmental issues in a pilot study in the New Jersey area.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Lagos, and a Master’s degree honors in Public Administration Pi Alpha from Rutgers University, New Jersey, United States of America.

Her interest in the area of development stems from a personal commitment to the socioeconomic development of the country through private sector-led interventions. Her expertise has placed her in several organizations’ board including After School Graduate Development Centre (AGDC), Nigerian Youths Leaders Congress, Network for Executives of Non-Profits in Nigeria which she founded and several private organizations. She was also honored as the Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.