This is one of my most Valuable Mentors.

His name is Emeka Oparah and believe it or not, he is CURRENTLY the Vice President, Corporate Communications and CSR of Airtel Nigeria.

Here he is in Uzoma’s Shop in Aba, South East Nigeria learning Tailoring. Please Google him up and then go to his Facebook Page and confirm that your eyes aren’t deceiving you. He is preparing for Life after Airtel and he’s very serious about his evolving Tailoring Business he named ETHELBERTS, that now has clients all over Nigeria and even in Ghana.

He will be 50 years old in a matter of months and we all know he is not a Poor Man at all.

I am so proud of Uncle Emeka. Accomplished and Successful yet Rooted in his Conviction, following his Dreams. How much more of you the Youth with not much aside your Degree and a bit of Hope?

I hope Nigerian Youths are learning.

Knowledge is important but Skill is King.

There is Dignity in Labour.

Capacity is Superior to Swag.

Nigeria has to move on from a Consumption Economy into viable Production and Exportation.

We have a huge Youth Population. We have arable Land for Agriculture. We have the most creative People in various Industries. Our Tech Aficionados can rival those at Silicon Valley. There are so many good Tailors in Nigeria but they can’t even meet up with Clients’ Demand but then Young People prefer to be Bankers and Lawyers.

Our Governments need to see opportunities in our current challenges.

If we deepen our investments as a Nation in Entertainment, Agriculture, Technology – EAT, we would reduce our unemployment rate by half and be well on our way to eradicating Poverty. Our Youth want Jobs but the white Collar Jobs are unavailable and will remain so. They think learning a skill makes you inferior to those who wear cute shirts and ties but can’t pay their Bills. Our mechanics have built their own Houses but we live in rented apartments and keep speaking Queens English.

We can continue to chit chat about Entrepreneurship but a Nation without Skilled Labour will remain at the mercy of its Visionary contemporaries.