I see the World is still trying to recover from that earth shaking Speech Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention yesterday. I am not even surprised.

So in 2012, this quintessential Michelle Obama had recorded a Video at the White House saying I was one of her Personal Inspirations and she was looking forward to meeting me sometime. I was so honoured, so inspired, so challenged to be better. (Video is below and Photos are Online)

I received an Official Invite afterwards and my meeting with her will remain one of the high points of my Social Entrepreneurship Career. I have watched her keenly over the Years and gleaned these lessons from this unique, ununsual Leader without title. MO is the Gift that keeps giving.

  1. Originality is a gift big enough to propel you to highest of Mountains and keep you at the pinnacle of Life forever.
  2. Power doesn’t change you, it reveals the real you.
  3. Whenever you hold a younger Person by the hand and lift them up out of quandary, you do yourself a favour than you’ve done that Person. However great he or she becomes, they remain part of your Legacies forever.
  4. Be a Woman in and of yourself. Do not be an appendage of your Husband. Command the respect you deserve because of the Knowledge, Charisma and Humanity that you embody.
  5. Learn to speak in the Language People understand. Don’t forget or disconnect from your painful past. Don’t be afraid to be courageous, always be clear and concise in Speech. Use real life Examples all the time. They awaken emotions. They make you relatable. It helps you wield even more influence.
  6. Don’t look down on any Man. Stand by your Man the whole time, not out of the need to be validated by Marriage but out of the Conviction that you’ve made a choice that’s worth it and he’s a good thing going somewhere great to happen. Your Husband the Struggling Lad can become your Husband the President.
  7. Don’t worry much about the opinion of Naysayers. They admire you more than they loathe you and putting you down is their own way of refusing to accept the Truth that you’re bigger, better and greater than them.
  8. You don’t need too many close friends, you need to be in Company of the right People. Your best allies may be your Staff, your Mentors, your Mentees, maybe even your Driver. These days, Friends aren’t complementing or collaborating, many are needlessly competing and that’s the road to envy and maybe even your death eventually.
  9. Watch all the Videos of Michelle Obama’s Speech, tell your Daughters to aspire to be better than her, leave your Wives and Sisters with their tall dreams and ambitions. Support them too.
  10. If you’re a Man, ensure you marry a Woman who can speak articulately, convincely in crisp English, one you can kiss in Public, help you overcome vices like Chain smoking and one who understands her role as Wife to you, Mom to her Children and other Children too. You may want to be President, sometime. She will increase your ratings. Men and women will adore her including the Wives of your Enemies. She will be Beyonce’s Buddy and Hollywood’s Darling.

Marry her now. You will need your own Michelle Obama.