Nosa Solomon Ehigiamusoe is the CEO of an emerging global enterprise FINAL LAP EVENTS .

Born and raised in Benin City, Edo State; Nosa attended Greater Tomorrow Group of Schools for his basic education, and Word of Faith College for his secondary education. Upon completion, he proceeded to the University of Benin, where he earned a Second Class Upper degree in Microbiology.

But while in his second year at the university, his life would change in ways he did not expect, this singular event would mark a watershed in his life.

A Watershed Moment at the Rise National Youth Forum

It was while attending the yearly youth programme in Benin City as a university sophomore in 2009 that he met Toyosi Akerele. And in his own words:

“…shed tears because I realised that I was wasting my life, not because I was useless, rather, because I realised that I was just going to school to read and pass. I didn’t know that a youth could be that focused, determined, influential,  and yet have integrity.”

He would at this event reach the determined conclusion that the chief aim of education is to be relevant and useful to not only self, but society. Gathering the necessary impetus from this memorable meeting, he decided that business was going to be the next port to which his life’s ship would berth.

From an Undergrad to Fledgling Businessman

Having had experience from his pre-university days as gofer, baker, and cook for his sister who ran an events company; it was easy for him to find a business background to launch from. But starting up was not rosy.

They basically started the business on what he calls sweat equity in 2010, himself and three others, all of whom would later back out of the venture as the ride on the entrepreneurial bull proved too discomfiting.

Left all alone with a dream and a prayer, he funneled all his allowance as a youth corps member into financing the business, and like any true entrepreneur knows, his business was to him like a jealous lover which unceasingly demanded all of his time, energy and resources – scant resources to be sure.

Life As An Entrepreneur

His company, Final Lap, has grown in spades since its days of humble beginning, handling contracts that have sometimes run into millions of naira, yet, he is confident that the best lies in the future still.

With a revenue that keeps the company fires burning, a staff strength that has grown from one to the double digits, an academy that trains others in the art of baking and event management, hence, contributing meaningfully to society in the form of job creation and skills empowerment; it can be said with a note of certainty that Nosa has come a full circle from that wide-eyed, eager young man who was perspicacious enough to see an opportunity – if only in the form of enlightenment – and run away with it, to making something tangible for himself.

With a crink in his laughing, cheerful eyes, Nosa believes that passion, though needed, is not enough to run a business, as knowledge of the business is also very vital.

He also ardently believes that:

“It is far easier to work for people than to run a business, because while staffers may close for the day, the CEO’s job never ends with the business day.
Also. if you have passion for something, go for knowledge, learn something about cash flow, advertising and everything you can lay your hands on for your passion.” 

He remains grateful to Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji and Rise Networks for contributing to the person he has become, and for which he is positive he will never cease in spreading the gospel of Rise National Youth Forum.