Happy New Year to all my Fellow Harvard Colleagues.

As I return to Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Government to complete my Final Semester this Spring as a Mason Fellow and Mid Career Master in Public Administration (Graduation is in a bit over 150days. Yaay), I’m reminded of the importance of Continuous Learning, Team work and the uniqueness of our different strengths.

Last Semester in the Fall, my classmates, the talented Sergio Correa Asmar the amazing Ned Shell and the super smart Claire Chaney and I worked on the US Presidential Campaign Project for our DPI 330 Class with the Legendary Professor Steve Jarding.
Jarding is so practical with his teachings and case studies, HKS Students have to bid & only bidders with the highest points can get into his Class.

This is us (Ned was away preparing for the Debate Event between the Campaign Directors of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) receiving the Prize for winning First Place in the 2016 Presidential Campaign Project.
Thanks to Halla Hrund Logadóttir for capturing that Historic Moment.
Thanks to Justin Hartley and Monica Giannone for being really supportive through it all.

Jan 2

Here’s to a great 2017 for all of us at Harvard Kennedy School. May we all succeed and finish well.