Sometimes, the best advice you’ll ever get is from yourself.
Don’t go to the Grave with Life unused.
Make a Mark. Give all you can. Speak up for the Voiceless. Choose your friends, don’t let them choose you. Be willing to walk away if you get an offer to be paid to uphold wrongdoing. Some total strangers stick closer, love you longer and walk with you farther than blood related folks. Keep them close because they’re Family. Early Morning Sex is good for your Health. Buy and Read Books, Knowledge will always be your greatest Asset. Don’t worship money, just enjoy what money can do. Respect People, Human Dignity frustrates Injustice. Recognize your Imperfections, that’s why you’re Human but work yourself from coal to gold. If you fail, don’t stay down. Fail Forward. Never do anything in private that you cannot defend in Public. Be humble , today’s success is tomorrow’s history. Be kind, you’ll need whenever you get into trouble because adversity is part of Life. Confess positive words to yourself often because what we perform is what we become.
Speak Less. Achieve More. Drink a lot of water this 2017. Write your name on snow as a reminder for stay cool but don’t freeze.
Be still and know that he is GOD.

Toyosi Snow