To become a Banker, you study Banking and Finance.

To become a Doctor, you study Medicine.

To become a Lawyer, you study Law.

To become an Engineer, you study Engineering.

To become a Nurse, you study Nursing.

To become a Web Programmer, you learn how to Code.

To become a Painter, Auto Mechanic, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Welder, Graphic Designer, PR/Advertising Expert, Teacher etc you need to learn the skills required over an extended period of time.

Now, I am aware that you can become a Professional in an Area of practice without necessarily going through any rigorous formal education process but I know that no one will entrust you with responsibility in that field if you do not demonstrate that you have the skill, competence and abilities to provide the Services they need.

Nigeria will be 56 years post independence in October 2016 and I’ve just been thinking about and appraising the quality of Training our Leaders at all levels of Government have gone through that qualify them to represent us in the 3 arms of Government?

Should Formal Education, professional antecedents and achievements, social involvements etc not form the criteria for which we elect our Leaders in the next Elections?

Who is training and preparing Nigeria’s Leaders for the rigours and requirements of Public Service?

Why are there so many Entrepreneurship Seminars discussing the same topics at different locations on different days, solving no major problems but charging exorbitant fees?

When I read Forbes, Economist, Business Day, Ventures Africa etc, I see Nigeria businesses featured periodically and while our Economy is not at its best at the Moment, I think Nigerian Businesses – Small, Medium and Large Scale are doing well with setting the pace of excellence in enterprise in Africa – however, our Political Leaders have been curses than blessings. They rob us blind, tell us lies, use and corrupt our youth, deprive us of quality education, jobs, good roads and basic amenities.

We are a rich country in terms of resources and poor in terms of productivity. We produce everything we don’t consume and consume everything we don’t produce.

Scores of our Citizens are killed daily, Companies are laying off Staff in droves, Forex is unstable, University Graduates don’t speak English.

I have given up on the Old Goons and the possibility that they can salvage this Nation but what are we doing to teach, train, test and prepare the Young People of this Country for Political Leadership?

I have since learnt that all Power is Political and the Progress of a Nation rests majorly on its Political Leaders and the Policies they make.

What are we going to do about Nigeria before she disappears and ceases to continue to exist?