The International Republican Institute, in partnership with McNally Temple and Associates created this documentary “A Song for Naija”. The song highlights the work young activists and entertainers are doing to encourage youth participation in Nigeria’s political process through the Dream 4 Naija campaign.

Nigerian people, its time to make a CHANGE.

“I feel like it is the right time for change and it has to start with YOU” – WIZKID

“Its our responsibility to take the country back, to take POWER back, we must live in peace and unity” – BANKY W

“Don’t just sit back and hope things will get back, GET UP, GET OUT and DO SOMETHING” – ELDEE

“We have to be the one to make change start, it starts with ME and it starts with YOU” – COHBAMS ASUQUO

“We have to STAND UP and fight for our good” – TUFACE