I was featured on TVC news and spoke about Youth Civic Engagement: The significant role of youth in politics and public life.

The 2015 elections had a lot of involvement of young people. More than ever, Nigerian young people have come into maturity and 2019 will be determined to a large extent by them.

Are Nigerian young people ready for decision making?

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As a nation, we should place more priorities on vocational skills than on certification. Young people in Nigeria are not adequately empowered. We should emphasize the importance of skills and as a nation we should focus more on elevating vocational education to the level of formal education.

What young people must do, is not to allow the new government compromise and go the way of the past government. We have to be able to ensure that we demand what is ours and that government should create an enabling enviroment that power functions and where young people can get access to SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) loans.

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