Look at these ones. Who regaled them with Jokes? One would see this Photograph and wonder what the conviviality and wild laughter was about.

These Members of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) who visited President Buhari last week to discuss the heartless, unending killings in Plateau, Benue and other States of Nigeria seem to be enthralled by Mr. President. That Woman was so excited she had to protect her “shest” from falling off.

I thought these ones were meant to be representatives of the People who on their behalf, should convey the angst, sadness and disappointment of citizens with the lack of security and attention of the Powers that be in that Region where Hundreds have been buried in the past weeks. I did not expect them to have insulted or fought the President but this Photo is in such bad taste.

How will our Leaders ever take us seriously when we’re always in awe at the very sight of them?
There are no Leaders anywhere in Nigeria. We the Citizens are on our own. They are all Criminals. All of Them. All.

A Missed Opportunity. They’ll still return to their Gloom and the Graves of the innocent are still very fresh.

I am A Nigerian Christian and I can represent myself. Next time, this CAN Delegation Airheads should stay in their Homes.