Fellow Nigerians.
Feel free to swipe left and laugh well.
Old Things have passed away and I have become new.
I don’t need to talk too much about these Photos Folks. You should understand.
In this season and at this point in our Nation’s History, these photos make for admissible evidence in any situation.
This is just for the Records.
I went through the NYSC and served my Country diligently for a full one year period. I even wore those white knickers and participated actively in several activities. I’m “louding it now for those of you at the back to hear”.
Platoon 1/March 2008 to March 2009.
Ayo Wey @funmihairdistributor , you will see yourself in one of the Photos.
I was posted to the Ogun State Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and I served in the office of the Honourable Commissioner, the brilliant, kind and high performing Uncle Bukola Olopade who believed in me, assigned many high level tasks to me and I do not think after him, Ogun has experienced a better and more result oriented Youth Commissioner.
As Always, to Serve Nigeria with all my Strength.
To defend her Unity and Uphold her Honour and Glory.
So help me God.