After attending a small but excellent and effective private primary school in Oregun, Lagos, I went to Public Schools afterwards. The secondary school I eventually wrote WAEC and graduated from had broken wooden Windows, we ate watery beans and our Hostel Buildings had the paint on them well faded off. I’m going back there soon to renovate my Girls Hostel.

That is me on that Stage last week Thursday delivering the Graduation Lecture to the Class of 2018 of one of best and most prestigious Secondary Schools in modern Nigeria and Africa @bridgehousecollege with Alhaji Abdulsamad Rabiu, Chairman of Bua Group and Forbes listed Billionaire as Chairman and Mrs. Abimbola Fashola whose son also graduated that day as Special Guest of Honour. I presented the prizes to best Students in Physics, Math (Michelle won a $63,000 Scholarship that day) and Information Technology and guest what, they were all Girls.

I shared my Story, spoke to the Students about the dynamism around the future of work, career choices, peer pressure, drug abuse, values and the importance of returning home after their studies to join forces with others and build Nigeria. I advised the Boys not to become “Science Students” and “Omo Shepeteris” and I told the Girls not to follow “Assurance” and allow “Banana to fall on them”.

We discussed Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented Reality and the role they will play within the global workspace. I enjoined them to pursue Careers in fields relevant to the Labour Market ahead of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I also told them that going to study abroad should be Hard Work – they are not holidays and they must stay focused and strive for success. Then I turned to the Parents and said to them that Mark Zukerberg’s Father bought him his First Computer. Let your Children test the waters in New terrains, they may fail and fail forward, but what if they fly?

A Thunderous Applause, Joy in my Heart and a bright and blessed future for the BHC Class of 2018, I am grateful to God.

One Day soon, I’ll deliver Graduation Speeches at Harvard, MIT, University of Cambridge, Pan Atlantic University, University of Jos – all Schools where I have Studied.
Our Dreams are Valid.

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