These Photographs are the aptest representation of Nigeria as it is now.
A Shadow of Itself. A Skeleton. A Nation in Ruins with Citizens as Docile Bystanders and Onlookers and Criminal Leaders who thrive on Bloodshed & Corruption.
I’m so resolute about Life but Nothing has bowed my Head like this avoidable Fuel Tanker Explosion that wrecked havoc right behind my House yesterday. (Yes, I tow that road EVERY SINGLE DAY and if I had not had Engagements in VI that prevented me from going to work yesterday, I may have been caught in this explosion while returning from the office in the evening.)
How can people who burnt to ashes so badly, their remains crumble into human palms like Powder rest in Peace? 9 Dead, 54 Injured, more than 20 Cars burnt black. This is following the over 80 people killed by Fulani Herdsmen in Plateau State, North Central Nigeria only last week.
This is what happens when a People outsource their critical thinking to God, Pastors, Imams and Babalawos.
The Soil of Nigeria is being nurtured – not with Fertilizer but with Human Blood.
Little Wonder, our growth is slow and prosperity seems out of our Reach.

This Week too, we overtook India as the Nation with the poorest people in the World according to the Brookings Institution.
May the Enemies of this Country Perish.

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