My People.
I just heard about the woman who jumped into the Lagoon off Third Mainland Bridge yesterday.
I’m deeply saddened by the spate of depression, suicide and deaths in Nigeria recently.
Many People’s Lives are in tatters and several are under pressure comparing themselves with others.
Many are struggling. More are Dying in Silence and living in Denial.
I’d love to be someone’s friend today, someone’s rock, refuge and safe space.
If you need someone to listen to you or lend you a helping hand on anything, please email me using and include your Phone and I’ll call you right away to listen, laugh and pray.
Anytime today is fine. I’m busy but I’ll make time.
We will be Okay.
Please don’t give up. All your dreams will come true. You’re not a failure. Stay away from the people who speak evil of you to you and don’t believe in you. Stick around Real People with positive Vibes who don’t “package”.
Don’t seek validation from social media. Don’t live a lie.
Don’t fritter away and evaporate.
Don’t vanish and disappear while still alive.
Hope is always Home.
I love you and I care about you. And it’s True.