Three days ago, I wrote on my social media pages that people who were in depression should feel free to reach out to me if they needed some words of encouragement.
Fam, I have so far received over 500 emails (If I haven’t called you yet, please be patient, I will get to you) from as far as ABU Zaria in Kaduna State and as close as Shaki in Oyo State – About 90% of them are job or employment related. People are looking for any kind of work to eke out a living and manage to eat one decent meal a day. Hunger, Lack and Poverty are steady ruining the lives, homes and marriages of Nigerians.
I’m shook at the kinds of stories I’m reading.

Unemployment is destroying our mental health and pushing our people into crime and depression but Unemployability is what we must worry more about hence Education – but how do we democratize access to a wide variety of RELEVANT education content from primary to tertiary level and empower Nigerians with the 21st century compliant skills that will make them able and ready to be absorbed into the Labour Market.

In comes technology and digitization.
I suggest you read my piece in the Link below.
It’s also on the Hard copy Newspaper if you can find it.

Thanks to The Guardian for publishing.