The Dirty Hands of Jelili.
The Broken Palms of Abdulrahman.
The Scared Shoulders of Kabir.
My Tired Eyes.
They are all Muslims, I am a Christian.
They are Labourers, I have some little Education with which I gave them some inspiration.
We the ordinary people of Nigeria stay United as one.

After many hours of offloading Timber, Wrought Iron Rods, Roofing Sheets etc from this Truck, they were spent but we chatted, exchanged banters, did Hi-Fives and took this Iconic Photograph in Maiduguri last month when I and other members of the Victims of Terrorism Support Fund went to inspect the Materials purchased for the rebuilding of schools, hospitals and other public buildings that were destroyed by Boko Haram in Borno State, Nigeria.

While Nigeria keeps pretending that we’re an operative Democracy, we remain a technical oligarchy strongly ruled and influenced by by a string of Despots and Dictators but Fellow Nigerians, Happy Democracy Day.
I look forward to the days of our True Freedom.