General TY Danjuma.
The History of Nigeria will be instructive for our Generation and as part of my Research/Thesis for my 3year PHD in Military History and Defense Strategy Program which I’ll begin soon, I’ll be interviewing all the living former Army Officers and Generals who have played key roles in Nigeria’s Leadership at different times in our Polity pre-1999. I plan to uncover the underbelly of Nigeria’s Defense Industry and design a blue print for its sustainable reforms, rewards and compensation, procurements, citizen engagement, budget implementation and accountability. When I’m ready, I’ll come here to ask y’all to send me questions you’ll want to ask them too?

I am a hard core Democrat and as such, I am completely opposed to Anarchy or War but I do not think that is what this former Defence Minister was advocating for when he declared during the Taraba State University Convocation last week that “the Nigerian Military is compromised, they cover and protect Terrorists and Nigerians must rise in Defense of ourselves, otherwise we will all die one by one”.
I think it’s important for Nigerians to recognise that Army Generals aren’t and can’t be flippant or reckless with words and General TYD must have some privileged insider information and intelligence before making those conclusions.

I am also aware that he must have exhausted all possible means of dialogue with President Buhari in private before making that weighty public statement.
I therefore recommend that rather than stay obsessed with criticising and analysing the messenger, Nigerians should focus on the message, hold their Government to Account and the Federal Government should commence immediate investigation into those allegations made by General TYD.