See the way I’m sweating like a………Will you keep quiet???????
I know you folks be wondering where I’ve been in the past few days.

I’m OK. Just some fatigue from travelling North – South amidst this Lockdown but this is the face I made when I realised the extent of deep seated, multi-dimensional poverty that sits pretty across communities and states of Nigeria.

Anyway, I’m back on the Road again.
Folks, We need to fix this Country. I’m just weak.
People are so hungry and depressed.

Government is right to declare a Lockdown to prevent widespread community transmission of Corona Virus. The Citizens are right to be upset and sad because they can’t work, they can’t go out and they are hungry and can’t pay their Bills.
Like, their lives are literally on hold.

How do we balance this as a Society?

You see why Nigeria should have saved for Rainy Days? Because – WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS.

I’m truly proud of how much work we’ve put into the #VSFCovid19Intervention. Thankful to God for Life and to everyone for your Prayers, concern, support and words of advice and encouragement.

Expect my Daily Reports and Photos on our #VSFCovid19Intervention Food, PPEs, Medical Supplies and Hygiene Products Donations and Distributions from now on.
P.S. I wear my Mask ALL THE TIME o but I just can’t seem to speak through them and I’m constantly having to grant Media Interviews in very, very, very hot locations so please kindly express your fear for me with Caution. Thank You So Much.????