I look forward to a time when some Public Officials in Nigeria will return to the Classrooms to teach after their Service to our Country. I can imagine the high quality of University Graduates we’ll be churning out of our Tertiary Institutions.
He teaches two development-related subjects: Development Policy Strategy and Why Are So Many Countries Poor, Volatile, and Unequal?
RICARDO HAUSMANN, former Honourable Minister of Planning, member of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela and former Head of the “Presidential Office of Coordination and Planning” in Venezuela is now a Teacher and one of my most favourite Professors at Harvard.
He is the current Director of the Center for International Development and a Professor of the Practice of Economic Development at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
He also works on gender issues and has been a co-author of the World Economic Forum’s yearly Global Gender Gap Report since its creation 10 years ago.
Before coming to Harvard, Hausmann served as the first Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank. He was also Chair of the IMF-World Bank Development Committee.
May our Turn come Nigeria.