This is the President of Rwanda, HE Paul Kagame listening attentively. I just took these Photos from his official Facebook page so this is not mere Camera Pose.
He answered my Questions gently with facts and precision.

President of Rwanda responding to my questions
President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame responding to my questions

A performing President who left his Country to come and engage with about 60 Students in our Class on the MICROECONOMICS OF COMPETITIVENESS: FIRMS, CLUSTERS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT last Friday.
Our Professor had asked us to read the Case on Rwanda’s Economic Transformation before hand and his Team were with him to document our Class Analysis as feedback. In fact, Professor Alfaro requested us to grade the President’s Performance in Economic Development. He mostly scored between 90 -100% (and we are a tough class).
This is how to know a progressive Leader.

Harvard 2016/2017 Class with the President of Rwanda
Harvard 2016/2017 Class with the President of Rwanda

Rwanda’s Economic Management has become the model for other Countries around the World.
You can register a Business there within 6hrs, their Economy is the 3rd fastest growing on the Continent, the President has surrounded himself with the smartest people, they’re using Science, Technology and Innovation to drive Economic Growth and Social Cohesion, almost 100% of their Children have full access to Primary Education, Carnegie Mellon University has established a Masters in Engineering Campus in Rwanda and the Country has the highest number of Women Parliamentarians in Africa.

President Paul Kagame lecturing Harvard 2016/2017 Class
President Paul Kagame lecturing Harvard 2016/2017 Class

I can go on and on.
This is the kind of Authentic and Result Oriented Leadership Nigeria desperately needs.
By the way, it snowed heavily that day but Mr President held his Umbrella himself and walked to Class.
Fellow Nigerians, What about Us?


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