Fellow Nigerians. We’re getting overwhelmed with Requests. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, My DMs are full, My Phones haven’t stopped ringing, my email box is shaking from collapse.
I’m so afraid to pick Calls from Numbers I don’t know now. E joo now. Ki lo n shele gan gan???
E Ma pa wa nau, ehn???❤❤❤❤

Nigeria has 200 Million people.
Lagos has over 20 Million citizens.

We the Victims Support Fund COVID-19 Taskforce are not the Government and we’re only going to be able to do what we can within the limit of our Resources. N1Billion is so much money yet if you think about the Poverty in this Country, N1Billion is a drop in the Ocean. We’ve touched 7 states already.
Another 7 next.

Not everyone will get our #VSFCovid19Intervention
palliatives and we want to encourage other well meaning Nigerians and Organizations to deploy their resources to provide for as many vulnerable and deprived people as possible at this time.

No single organization can feed all Nigerians or Lagosians. Not even the Government.

We will keep doing our best for the good people of Nigeria but you and I know that if the VICTIMS SUPPORT FUND were a Government, we will be the best in Africa right now.???????

We deserve some accolades, don’t we?
This is @kokunfoundation one of our NGO Partners, distributing part of the #VSFCovid19Intervention Food Items to a Community in Lagos.

My Regards.