The Forgotten Back Waters and Riverine Areas of Lagos and Nigeria. We know them. We remembered them.

Our #VSFCovid19Intervention 50Kg Bag containing 10kg Rice, 10Kg Beans, 10Kg Garri, 2Kg Salt and 4Litres of Vegetable Oil is not just for the Cities, we’re penetrating the Hinterlands too.

It really doesn’t take too much to put Joy in the lives of Nigerians, really. It’s in the little things and the sense of responsibility of Leaders in Public Service.

Please tell us, have you seen any COVID-19 Palliative Package better than this in the whole of Nigeria? If you know any, let us know.

This area was covered by one of our NGO Partners @rethinkingcities Welldone to them.

Proud. Blessed. Excited.
God Bless This Great Mother. God Bless her.
Cc: @victimssupportfund

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji