Dear Eric Arubayi.
Ascend into Peace Perfect.
I hear you died as a result of expired drugs that caused your Liver to fail after which you slipped into Coma and then passed on at the Delta State Teaching Hospital.
I hope you sing songs of rebellion and revolt against the spirits and forces that have worked against all that can make Nigeria work for Nigerians.
Our Country’s moribund Institutions keep diming the light of a successor generation whose gifts should be put to work for our collective progress.
So Unfortunate it’s your turn now Brother.
We’re proud of the way you lived in your short stay on Earth.
You sang wholeheartedly. You served God passionately.
You were fiercely talented.You were as fine as a Saint.
You were loved by all. Be well Eric.
I hope your Wife and Son look forward in fortitude and grace.
We the rest will keep holding forth.
It is Well.