So I visited Wahat Al Karama, the place of Dignity and the Memorial for the fallen Emirati Soldiers who died at War in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Countries.
Those Soldiers must feel like Royalty, even in Death.


Grave Stone

Grave Stone

I was moved to tears reading the names of each of them engraved on fine white aluminium plated sheets, covered in lights, protected with fine pillars.
The Surroundings were spic and span and the place is guarded like a palace.
“Nations only grow by the Heroic Acts of their valiant servicemen who are recorded in the annals of history for their ultimate sacrifices. It is through these sacrifices by our Martyrs that we build the strength and glory and Pride of our Nation in the current future Generations.”  – HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Fellow Nigerians. How are the men and women of our armed forces treated even while alive? Many of them are hungry, their wives and kids wallow in Penury while they are on the field protecting our Country.
The monies meant for Bullets, Arms and ammunitions are stolen by a thieving few and no one has gone to jail yet.
Army Generals and Top Tier Officers are stupendously rich while the financial, emotional and psychological impoverishment of our Servicemen has been the order of the day.


Wahat 8




Fellow Nigerians. What about us?