Photo 1, 2 and 3. My New Friend and Inspiration, 33 Year Old Mariana Moguel who’s Member of Parliament and the Chairperson of Mexico’s Ruling Party, PRI in Mexico City. She’s been in Office for only 18months and has achieved 80% of her Campaign Promises.

Photo 4. Ivonne Ortega became Municipal President (equivalent of LG Chair In Nigeria) at 25 and became State Governor of Yucatan at 34 for 5 and Half Years. She’s the first fraction of Minority in the Congress and she’s won every election she’s run for since she was 25. (About 4 different positions). As Governor, her State was the safest State in the whole of Mexico as a country and she still runs her Business of “Meat Selling. She told us how she saved 10 Mexican Pesos daily for 76 days and bought the first sets of Pork for 760 Pesos to set up her Butcher Shop.

Pretty, Super Strong and Brillant Women can sell meat, be State Governor, be a Mom, be an author and still serve Sass all year long. There’s Dignity in Labour. Now 41, Ivonne is currently taking her Master Degree and she is going to run for the Office of the President of Mexico in 2018. Nobody should tell me that this is not the Season of the Women and Youth.

Nigerians, Please Stand Up Please.