I have enjoyed many privileges as a Nigerian.
My Country has bestowed the gifts of resilience, ambition, courage, knowledge, compassion, empathy, leadership and more on me but we’re smack in the eye of the Storm. I do not have any other Nation to call mine and if the Chance ever arises, I will never trade being Nigerian for any other Country so NIGERIA HAS TO WORK.

As I take a bow from Harvard, the best and most prestigious Institution of Learning in the World this week, I am reminded that I have not succeeded yet if the majority of my Countrymen cannot feed, go to School, get jobs or live in Peace & Prosperity.

I cannot forget the Victims of Boko Haram who have been massacred in their thousands, Widows, the downtrodden, the ones who work and haven’t been paid salaries for months, Chisom Okeke who died at Magodo Specialist Hospital last week because Quacks posed as Doctors, Hundreds of Thousands who graduate from Universities and remain Jobless, how our Legislators are the highest paid in the World – 5times more than the US Parliamentarians, the millions of the rest of us who wallow in abject Poverty while the Leaders we have elected treat us like Slaves, damage our collective self esteem, rob our Country blind and the Political Parties are one and the same, colluding against our National Progress for their Self serving interests.


As I chose and attended my Classes at Harvard, travelled to great Countries and engaged their Leaders, listened and learned from my Schoolmates from about 100 countries, I never forgot Nigeria for a Moment. I’ve been desperate for solutions to Nigeria’s Problems and while I do not have all the answers, I have found a few we can begin to implement.

Because Talk doesn’t Cook Rice and analysing the challenges has never transformed any Country, I started writing this Book 2 and half years ago and completed it this Year at Harvard.

If you’re around Harvard Kennedy School, Boston or Cambridge this Friday, please join our Dean, my Professors, the HKS Alumni Services Director, our Program Director, my Classmates, Family and Friends for the Reading and Public Presentation of my Book – “WE HAVE TO BELONG: Why the Poor Majority of my Rich Country cannot wait anymore” at 1:30pm to 3pm, Darman Room, Centre for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School.

We’ll have the Nigerian Launch in Feb 2018 and it will be up on Amazon in 2weeks from now. Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments with me.

We’re one of the richest Countries in the World with some of the poorest people. How?
May Nigeria and Nigerians not be Unfortunate.