If Nigeria’s Leaders since 1999 didn’t embezzle healthcare funds, if we Invested in Data Centres, Science & Technology, Research & Development, we’ll face this debacle headlong. Now, they can’t travel abroad for treatment.

This CoronaVirus Pandemic has taught me 3 key Principles of Leadership.
1. Humility 2. Inclusivity 3. Equity

See our Country in Multi-Dimensional poverty on total lockdown by a phenomenon that was avoidable if we paid attention to trends in data & made smart decisions.
We should have closed our borders early knowing that we lack capacity in medical facilities & primary health centres to contain this Pandemic.

This week in the UK, retired Nurses & Doctors returned to the NHS to support their healthcare system. In Nigeria, people are keeping their old parents away, saying that Nigeria does not honor Heroes.

OXFAM released a report a couple of years ago that the money that will lift half of Nigeria’s population out of Poverty is owned by only 5 people – https://www.oxfam.org/en/nigeria-extreme-inequality-numbers
On Forbes, 6 out of 20 African Billionaires will be from Nigeria but it took a Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, to send us Medical Supplies VIA ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES against #covid19.

What exactly do we even own as a Country apart from thoughtless, hawkish Politicians with large egos? The highest paid in the world by the way.

Can you see that Poor Folks aren’t contracting CoronaVirus?
Billionaires & Politicians aren’t immune to the circumstances of the world & in the end, all of us are made by God.

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