Dear Lord, I am Grieving. I am Troubled about all these. Nigeria, we need the hand of God, a lot of Precaution and plenty Common Sense right now.
I am totally heartbroken by the ongoing and looming crises in Nigeria and the World right now

Few days ago, Abule Ado, a part of Lagos in Amuwo Odofin witnessed a Pipeline Explosion that destroyed so many houses and killed several citizens.

Corona Virus is on rampage across the World. Our Schools are shutting down, Companies are limiting operations, States are in panic and our Third World Nation in our Multi-Dimensional Poverty, Nigeria does not have the Medical Facilities and Primary Healthcare Centres to contain COVID-19 if it breaks out in our Country.
5 New Cases of CoronaVirus have now been confirmed in Nigeria now bringing the total number to 8 Cases. The Minister Of Health will address Citizens soon. Check my Insta Stories.

Please wash your hands, stay away from crowds and large public gatherings, be observant and fast and pray for God’s protection over you, your families and countries during this Period. SOCIAL DISTANCING PLEASE. THANK YOU.
No need to panic but My Husband and I have officially withdrawn our Children from School today until further notice, we do not want stories that touch.

I hope Lagos State Government can do more to support the affected families in the Abule Ado Fire Disaster. It’s such a sorry sight and I cried seeing so much of people’s hardwork go to ruins, just like that.
We Citizens must Chip in our bit too.

Once I arrive Lagos at the weekend from my current Trip, I will visit the site and the girls of Bethlehem Girls College. If you’d like us to go together, please send me a DM.

I’m thinking this is a precursor to Rapture but some of us have not totally fulfilled our lives’ purposes and potential so Dear Lord, please postpone Rapture for another 70years Sir. You know all those big dreams myself and my friends have, we need to make more Magic and History before Rapture comes. We know you will do it for us, your Kids.

Thank You Jesus.
Your Child,