Thanks to Professor Mark Fagan who brought some real Life case Study into our Process Re-Engineering- Operations Management Class this morning by inviting Professor Arben Malaj from Albania.

I am proud of Prof. Malaj who became Minister of Finance at 36 years old and took on the responsibility for shutting down Pyramid/Ponzi Schemes in his Country.

Now a Member of the Supervisory Council of the Central Bank of Albania, he shared insights about Albania’s 3.2million population and 800 000 families. His comments on Pyramid Schemes and how over 1000 citizens died after about 60percent of Businesses in Albania invested their monies in those Schemes reminds me of the ongoing Debate and Spotlight beamed on MMM in Nigeria.

He noted that that the Integrity of Leaders and the Public Communication Strategy on the part of Government can save citizens tons of money and guide them on their investment culture.

Nigeria needs these sort of steadfast Public Sector Administrators who in the face of repression for fixing the system had to fly his Family to live in another Country while he persisted in Service in Albania.

He brought his conversation with our class to an end with this thought-provoking Quote – “In hiring People for Government Positions, look out for INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE AND ENERGY. If they lack the first one, the other 2 will kill you.”