After a tough election that held early last week which even culminated into a Run Off, last night, I was declared the Vice President, International Students’ Affairs of the Harvard Kennedy School Students’ Government.


With a 64% Win, I must now work selflessly in dedicated service for these Votes that I earned.

I am profoundly grateful to my super amazing MC/MPA classmates and fellow HKS Students in other classes who voted for me in the 2 Elections.
I do not take your Trust and Solidarity for granted at all.


My Fellow Contestants in the Elections are some of the most eminently qualified and experienced people I have ever met. We should all work assiduously in unison to bequeath a legacy of hope to the future generations of International students who will attend HKS.
An election is mere formality. We’re all stars. All 5 of us.


With Harvard being ranked No. 1 in the World and HKS in particular holding together over 1000 Students from about 100 Countries, majority of whom are from outside the United States, I pray for the wisdom, strength, humility and courage to start and finish strong on this assignment.

I will spend most of this week thanking my Campaign Dream Team & Friends who made it all happen.





Let’s now get to work.

To God my Father in Heaven be all the Glory and Honour.

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji
VP, International Students’ Affairs
Harvard Kennedy School Students’ Government