Today is a Day of Mixed Feelings.

I think Public Sector Leaders and a few Young Nigerians should swap roles, positions, offices and responsibilities for a few months for good measure of service, work ethic, effectiveness, vision and Leadership.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, 31, worth 54 Billion Dollars strolled into Lagos yesterday, walked on the streets of Yaba without pomp and circumstance, knelt behind children to see how they were writing code at CC Hub and visited only the businesses and ventures run by Young people. The sterling efforts of our Youth excited and attracted him to our Country. Our Youth keep putting Nigeria on the Global Map and in positive light around the World without Government support or investment while our Governments continue to display steep lack of empathy and understanding about simple issues on matters that affect citizens and our livelihoods.

This morning, in a recession, during which People can barely feed or afford the very minimalist standard of living they used to have, our Government announces an increase in the toll fare between Ikeja and Oshodi.

I have never been so upset with Government in a long time. There is no justification whatsoever for this at least, not now.

Our generation has upped the game in Entertainment. We are changing the world of, in and with Technology already. Both have largely flourished with the Power of Organization and Collaboration. Government, Governance and Our Public Service are next.

One day, the Pope, the UN Secretary General and the US President will visit and it will not be merely to shake Hands with Old goons but to see how Young Nigerians are reshaping, remaking and repositioning our Political System from one led and managed by Clueless Oldies to one that superintended by Young Savvy Leaders who know how to build roads, fix Education, create an enabling Environment for the Jobs of the Future to thrive, reward dignity in Labour over access or nepotism, deepen democracy, promote unity, provide security and clean water and deliver wholesome development to our people.

Brace Up Nigeria. I am convinced more than ever before that the Generation that will salvage our country is right before you and 2019 is the beginning. The Road is dreary and the journey is long but we walk in Faith as we conquer our Fears.

To all the Young People who worked hard in the Nigerian Tech space even when Internet wasn’t Commonplace, I celebrate you. It’s not about Mark’s Visit, it’s about your tenacity, courage, vision and long suffering.

I write this with Tears in my eyes because I know what Real Change and Transformation our Nation can experience when we get the opportunity of Political Service and Leadership.

Nigeria can keep ignoring us but Nigeria cannot do without us. They may have the money and power but we have the voices and the votes.

Soon People. Soon. We’re coming. We’re coming.

God bless.