The smartest Nations in the World are futuristic in their thinking and execution. They’re investing in Research, Technology, Science, Art and Design and with these know-how in their arsenal, they dominate the world and dictate the pace of growth in Governance and Economy.


I was pleasantly surprised to see Professors from a Tunisian University that’s planning to establish a Faculty of Entrepreneurship come to one of the Top 10 highest ranking Universities in the World, Massachusetts Institute of Technology- MIT as Students themselves to go through the basics, rudiments and fundamentals of Training on Entrepreneurship. They wrote proposals and pitched them to Investors/Judges from various Countries who are actual entrepreneurs with germane experiences to critic their works and methods and provide relevant feedback on their Processes.

august 22a

It was such an Honour and Privilege for me to have been a JUDGE on the MIT Africa Initiative 2016.

With all these new knowledge, discoveries and opportunities, I really can’t wait to go back home to do more for my Country and I hope we begin to empower and leverage our Academia for solutions and sustainable growth.