I like the way this Education System works.

Public Servants must enrich the system with ideas, strategies and solutions that have proven effective and also provide advisory on the pitfalls to avoid going forward.

Last week, the Former Governor of the State of Florida, younger brother to former President George W. Bush and major Contender for the Republican Party’s Ticket for the US Presidency, Jeb Bush came by to actually teach a Class in one of our Courses – the POLITICAL ECONOMY OF THE SCHOOL.


After his illuminating expository on some of the successful education policies he set in motion during his time as State Governor, he charged us during a conversation with a Larger Audience in the JFK Forum to ensure that “we see public Education Reform as part of our Change Agenda”. There is a Government of a Country I know that desperately needs and can totally use this homily and Jeb seems to even have the perfect choice of words to drive his point home.

Jeb is going to be a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Politics here at HKS for the rest of the Fall and I really hope to engage him more of the subject of what he thinks Developing Countries can do differently with the aim of transforming their Education Sector. Then I also need to ask him how in Heaven and Hell did he lost to Trump. Anyway, he already said he wouldn’t vote this Year in protest.


It would be thrilling to see Nigerian Governors also return to teach Courses in our Universities after retiring from Public Office and not just to teach Politics, but to actually train Experts and Stakeholders on result oriented Education Interventions.

Jeb for President. After Hillary though. I’m sorry.