Here is something for all Women in leadership positions……….

1. Build a Solid Reputation & Network across all Classes of People. Get the best Education you can afford because even when you qualify above an Ignoramus, you’ll have to work 100 times harder proving yourself time & again.

2. If Hillary & Trump were both Men, this Election would be a piece of Cake. She’s more prepared & better positioned than he is but then SHE’S A WOMAN.

3. When Men run for Office or Positions, Society doesn’t judge them based on the morality of their Spouses but Hillary must pay for Bill’s Pant Moves.

4. Hillary Clinton prepared for the Olympics. Unfortunately she found herself in a Kiddie Pool with a petulant, puerile Man so desperate to save his Face he insulted and threatened her but Society excuses Trump’s bad behaviour, they say he hit the right notes.

5. Hillary Clinton has her name on 400 US Legislations & has been on the cover of TIME Magazine 30times. She should be Trump’s Mentor but many times Women, your opponent will only be half of who you are, don’t try to climb down to his level. Help him elevate his thinking.

6. Women Pol√≠ticians need to know when to go high or low in Debates. Trump dominated that Debate & Hillary seemed flustered and frazzled at some point. Don’t let a Dog take your Day while you’re trying to be a Nice Girl. The world describes Nice Girls as Timid.

7. Read and Travel. Gain knowledge of the World and all that’s in it. Up your Public Speaking Skills. Keep Calm in the face of Pressure. Don’t let your opponent put you on the defensive. Know when to stop and slow down.

8. Your Sexuality, Beauty, Body Shape, Dress Sense, Faith & everything in between will be questioned once you step to the plate in Public. BE OF GOOD COURAGE.

9. Society will criticise & drag you in the mire so harshly, you may begin to doubt who and what you are. Do not let your head be bowed. Don’t let your enemies define you and don’t let your friends validate you. Stay Grounded in your Truth.

10. Finally.
You weren’t born to fall in line. You were born to challenge the status quo & dare to be different.

Repeat these words to yourself as often as you can.
Master them. Welcome to the Era of Madam President.
I’m with Hillary.

Have a great new week People.