My Last Day at School. I’m going Home.
I feel really really blue. I will miss a lot of good people and great learning.

Lord, you see how Nigeria has some of the brightest minds and best ideas yet our Country stays underperforming. You see all my dreams and heart desires for my Fatherland.

That we may not be used any further as the Classic Case study of Corruption by hypocritical western elements, that we may move from being the “ant” of Africa and live up to the expectations of the “actual giant” of Africa we were once respected as.

That our People may stop dying from diseases, that we may enjoy electricity, that clean water may flow from our pipes, that our crops and plants may flourish to nourish our bodies, that our Youth may know the truth and choose hardwork and integrity above fast food gratification and their get rich quick mentality, that our children be given their rights to read, write and grow, that our women may get more seats at the Table to make decisions for our development, that our elders may respect themselves and anchor this great nation to Progress, that the greedy, reckless and daft amongst our Execu-Thieves, Legis-looters, Judi-Sharers may never be re-elected into office and that the noblemen of Nigeria may take over the reins of power.


That we shall overcome our obsession with materialism and shallowness and embrace depth and substance, that the abundance of opportunities and resources may become the lot of our poor and our rich may receive sense that they’re still very poor when all they have is money and they don’t empower their Communities.
Let Love lead our way and Let Unity never depart from our History Books.

I head home Lord.
This marks the End of an Era and the beginning of a glorious future. One that depends totally and solely on You and all the Good works I have done in the past and the more my hands and heart will find to do for Nigeria and the World herefrom.

I have seen and been to many great Countries. I want my Country to be greater and better than them all and I WILL be part of that historic reform and turnaround.

These Mixed Feelings of Nostalgia and Renewed Hope, this Girl will be Okay.

Where are all those people that promised to send me Eba, Efo Elegusi and Ogunfe, Ikokore, Pounded Yam and Ofe Nsala?
Now is the time to make good una promise o.

Phew. What a Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodbye HARVARD. Forever, I’ll always call you Home.