Fellow Nigerians.
This is my first post in 2018 and Yes, it is political.
Nigeria has become one hell of a black hole in recent times – What with our nation almost in a state of genocide with human citizens being massacred while animal citizens are being protected and prioritized by a bunch of brigands disguised as herdsmen.
Few Days ago as we stuttered into a new year, this country experienced a National Blackout for more than a minute.
It is 13months to election and high tension politicking in the APC has already begun in the middle of biting economic hardship, fuel scarcity, job cuts, increased crime rates, multiple killings in Benue and all such depressing scenarios.
The PDP is not ready for anything responsible or reasonable. I followed their sham of a convention weeks back and they will remain nothing but an opposition party in 2019. Their Members lack the grit and wit required to generate widespread support from the masses and move to control the centre.
If Buhari gets the APC Ticket and runs for President in 2019, he will win whoever PDP fields as Presidential Candidate. WHOEVER. His cult following amongst the Talakawas in the North is a prized possession yet to be owned by any other Nigerian Politician. I see and understand there is a groundswell of agitation and angst against him but his loyalists are more rugged, dogged and relentless than the rest analyst citizens who do more talking than voting or mobilizing.
Even if he does not win free and fair, he will be our President in 2019.
As yet, it is too late for a Third Force to rise, wield influence over the Populace and take over the leadership of Nigeria. Please leave 40 year old Emmanuel Macron of France, 31 year Old Sebastian Kurz Chancellor of Austria and 37year old Jacinda Andern, the incoming Prime Minister of New Zealand out of this. Their antecedents show that they did not show up as possible alternatives to the status quo overnight – they actually went through a journey and a process that made them formidable enough to dethrone the Establishment at the right time.
As things stand, President Buhari has proven that all he aspired for was simply to rule Nigeria twice. It’s not historical but it’s significant.
For 2019, I do not think Nigeria needs a President. We need time to rediscover ourselves as a people and nation. We The Citizens are as demented as our elected representatives – our thought processes, our daily actions, the things we tolerate from Politicians and the way we rejoice and feel privileged when we come in close contact with our oppressors show so.
Can we have a temporary cabinet comprising of the best performing citizens in various sectors to lead and restabilize Nigeria and then have a proper election in 2023?
My Thoughts. Please share yours.
Happy New Year.