Humbled and Excited to have arrived the United Arab Emirates last night with 24 other Colleagues from Harvard where we’ll be meeting with the UAE Government over the next 8days to discuss crucial development issues around Government Innovation and Public Policy.

Thanks to the Office of the Prime Minister of the UAE, the Ambassador of the UAE to the United States and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government’s Emirates Leadership Initiative for giving us this Opportunity and opening up their Country to emerging Young Leaders from Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States.

With Harvard ClassmatesSuch Joy, Honour and Pride to always represent Nigeria within the International space.
We’re a Country experiencing difficult times but there’s no other Nation I’d rather be from.
We’re resilient in the face of adversity and I didn’t come here on Excursion or to show off my English speaking skills. I plan to do a lot of listening and soaking it all in.
I’m here for some immersive learning experience and sustainable Solutions that we can replicate in Nigeria for the development of our people.
Some really great line up of Meetings with different Ministers and Government Officials in the Coming days.