Oya make una judge for una sef.
Based on Logistics, I hear say my Pidgin na correct 10 over 10 ?when I go do beta talk on top this matter of Women Participation in Politics, Leadership and the 2019 Elections with Oga Wale Adebajo, Political Advisor to the British Deputy High Commission for Nigeria and Oga Godwin Aruwayo wey be our show host for Naija FM the day before yesterday.

Men don too do for this we Naija Politics and Economy- make we women tanda gidigba too, use our Power direct things and show them level for this coming elections.

Na we dey born, cook, clean, run business, take care of our families, satisfy our husbands, go market, na we dey do every every.- na we dey build society. Make Government educate our girls abeg. Dem say when you train woman for school, na the whole nation you dey build be that.

All these Politicians wey dey thief our money, buy oshaprapra fine fine cars, build house for better areas and dey carry am go obodo oyinbo while the rest of awa countrymen dey suffer, Ogun kee all of una dia o.
Thunder fall on all of una o. Na me talk am.
I dey my house. Oya come beat me na.?? Warri, I dey rep una anytime.
Me sef Don turn aproka for this matter.

I no say una go dey doubt say shey na me dey yarn Pidgin lai this but leave that Harvard matter o, I be all rounda, correct Naija geh. I full ground.

If anybody try me, I go enter una anyhow???? TAO.

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