Last week, I was in Abuja to attend the Board Meeting of our Victims of Terrorism Support Fund Presidential Committee chaired by General TY Danjuma. In October 2017, heavy with a 7month old pregnancy, flying 3hrs from Lagos and riding for 4 to 5hrs through the worst roads I’ve ever been on in my Life, in company of our Vice Chair, Alhaji Tijani Tumsah, Ambassador John Gana and Executive Director, Dr. Sunday Ochoche) and AlKasim Abdulkadir , I visited the sites of Michika/Madagali Local Government in Yola, Adamawa State destroyed by Boko Haram Insurgents to lay the foundations for the reconstruction of Hospitals, Schools and the Local Government Offices of those Communities. One may ride on a 50kilometre Journey without seeing a Goat and this increase in ungoverned spaces in North East Nigeria is empowering the Terrorists. 110 Girls kidnapped and carted away in Trucks from Dapchi last week after Terrorists stormed the community, prayed Magrib and even had the effrontery to preach a sermon.

I’m worried about how we’ve normalised the abnormality of Terrorism in this country. We stand the risk of creating more militias if citizens rise in defense of themselves given the patterns of responses from government which are usually initial denials and defensive positions. These people who feel unprotected may resort to self help and circumstances could spiral out of control. Those of us who live in the South and other parts of Nigeria are so disconnected from the ruins and anguish of our fellow Citizens up North. Homes, Schools, Hospitals totally burnt down to ashes. People living in the most squalid conditions. For some of us, the pursuit of happiness is in rebuilding the lives of others even when it puts us in the most uncomfortable situations.

I hope and pray that Generation will do better with the Political Leadership of Nigeria. TAO.

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