I saved the very best for the last.
Today is for His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the Government of Lagos State for partnering with me as a Private Citizen to organize the Inaugural Field Visit on Public Sector Innovation and Leadership in Lagos State and Nigeria.
Using much of the knowledge and skills I gleaned at HKS, I themed the Field Visit on Public Policy, Democratic Governance, Urban Innovation and Economic Competitiveness and the Governor and his Team ensured the Field Visit was a success in terms of implementation and planning.







My Friends and Colleagues from Harvard Kennedy School and MIT have delightsome memories and wonderful things to say and for the problems and challenges they observed, they’re happy and willing to work with us on sustainable solutions.
21 Million Lagosians or 180Million Nigerians aren’t perfect but the best of the rest of us cannot bear the burden of the bad behaviour of a few of us. Every State and Nation has some misfits and the fallacy of hasty generalization must not stay in the way of the world’s sense of logical reasoning and judgement.




Nothing works like SEEING IS BELIEVING. Next time you meet a foreign citizen or journalist who’s hell bent on profiling Lagos and Nigeria as a hub of criminals, a den of terrorists or a City and Nation of Slums, Poverty stricken, uneducated people, don’t argue, just tell them to pay us a visit and come with no bias.
I’ve seen quite a number of Federal Governments sponsor Field Visits and Treks to their different Countries but only one or 2 States have done so.
Thank you Governor Akinwunmi Ambode
You don’t even recognize the impact of what you have ignited. This will reach farther than we ever thought or prepared for.
May History be kind to you Sir.