Politics must become a kitchen table conversation because it affects our lives in all facets that’s why I’m excitedly looking forward to learning and sharing at the Pastors and Leaders Conference at the Fountain of Life Church today.

The Taxes slammed on small businesses by Governments who cart away and mismanage our commonwealth without any consequences greeting their actions, the terrible schools our children have to depend on for poor education, our roads that have become death traps, hospitals that are unfit for animals where our citizens die helplessly, unemployed youth, oppressed Women, the deplorable conditions majority of Nigerians live in and keep thriving and technically every area of our lives depend on the quality of our Leadership as a Nation and our Leaders are determined in Political Situations so we can’t leave the business of Politics to charlatans anymore.

The worst of us cannot keep ruling the best of us. 2019 must be The Year of a Paradigm Shift.
I have some radical views about why Christians and Women should get into Politics that I’d be sharing today.